Hoopsy Weekly Roundup January 20th

Hoopsy Weekly Roundup for Friday, January 20th…

Hi, welcome to this week’s weekly roundup. So what I’ve opened up to at Hoopsy this week, it has just been hectic, but good, hectic. I’ve been literally packing samples for everyone that’s requested a new test to try. I think I’ve mailed out over 800 now. I am aiming for over for around 2000. So if you haven’t got one yet, do jump in and grab one. And if anyone in North London wants to come and help, do feel free to pop over.


We are starting to build up our community waitlist, which is fabulous. We’re starting to get experts on board who’ll be able to talk to you about different aspects of IVF and fertility journeys.

So I’ve just chatted with a guy who is a financial advisor. I think the financial part of IVF is just so hard. So I think having someone that knows what options are out there will make a big difference.

I’m excited to bring him on board once we get the community up and running next month. Um, also went and saw a fabulous movie last night called Freezing Fertility. I’m not sure we can watch it online, but I’m gonna find out. Because I think it’s something that anyone’s ever thought about – like freezing their eggs or just IVF in general – needs to watch because it’s just so well done. It talks about the challenges around egg freezing and the people that are making money from it. And just kind of what goes into it.

It was really, really enjoyable. I met some amazing scientists who had dinner with. I felt like such a nutty because, everyone had doctorates, PhDs, and a lot more. And there’s me just asking, so how does that work exactly? But it was a lot of fun. They were all very good at explaining in simple terms, which is always a winner.

In fact, one of them was so amazing and is gonna come on and be an expert in the community as well. I cannot wait because she is so, so good at explaining how things work. She is researching how ovaries are formed when the baby is in your tummy. So just, it’s gonna be fascinating. I can’t wait to share it with you. Anyway, that’s me for the week. I hope everyone’s having a lovely week staying warm if you’re in the UK. And, uh, next week I’m sure I will be back with more exciting stuff.

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