9 Weird Pregnancy Facts No One Tells You About

Pregnancy is an incredible journey like no other, but it can also be filled with strange and unusual experiences. You’ve probably already been warned about morning sickness and fatigue in early pregnancy there are some other lesser-known weird and wacky pregnancy facts no one really talks about in everyday conversation!

We’ve put together a list of no less than 9 of these fascinating facts that will surprise you and make you appreciate the incredible journey of pregnancy even more.

1. You May Develop Pica

Pica is a rare condition that affects some pregnant women, causing them to crave and eat non-food items such as chalk, dirt, and paper. The condition is thought to be a result of a mineral deficiency, and while it is not harmful in small quantities, excessive consumption of these substances can be dangerous.

2. Fetal Cells Can Stay in the Mother’s Body for Decades

Did you know that fetal cells can remain in a mother’s body for years after giving birth? According to a study published in the journal PLOS One, fetal cells can be found in a mother’s blood, bone marrow, and even her brain. These cells can remain in the mother’s body for decades and may even influence her health.

3. Tall women are more likely to conceive twins

Studies show that women over 5 feet 5 inches tall are more likely to conceive fraternal twins.
This is because taller women have higher levels of a certain protein released from the liver that is linked to increased ovulation.

4. Pregnant Women Can Experience Hair Loss

Many women experience thicker, fuller hair during pregnancy, but some women may notice hair loss after giving birth. This is known as postpartum hair loss and is caused by hormonal changes in the body. Hair loss typically occurs three to six months after giving birth and can last up to a year.

5. Morning sickness can last all-day

Morning sickness is a common pregnancy symptom. By its name, you would be forgiven if you thought it causes a little morning vomit, after which you can happily get on with your day. We hate to break it to you, but it can actually last all day for some women.

For some unlucky women, nausea and vomiting can continue throughout their entire pregnancy. Thankfully for most pregnant women, morning sickness stops after the first trimester! Our bodies are funny things, and we all react differently to pregnancy.

6. Babies can cry in the womb

Did you know babies can cry in the womb? Ultrasound studies have shown that babies can make crying-like facial expressions and even open their mouths as if they are crying. While it’s not clear why babies cry in the womb, it is believed to be a natural part of their development.

7. Your feet might grow

Another surprising fact is that during pregnancy, your feet can grow up to one full size! Why does this happen? There are a few reasons. Firstly, your ligaments could be loosening and widening your feet, and your arches might drop due to pregnancy weight gain, which also causes some swelling.

The good news is that after birth, your feet will return to their normal size, and it’s also a fabulous excuse to go shoe shopping for some comfy shoes to get you through pregnancy!

8. You may grow hair in unexpected places

Pregnancy hormones can stimulate hair growth on your face, chest, abdomen, back, arms, legs, or even nipples, oh, joy! This is called hirsutism, and it usually goes away after delivery. On the bright side, you may also enjoy thicker and shinier hair on your head!

9. Sufferers of heartburn are more likely to give birth to a baby with a full head of hair!

Once this was only thought to be an old wives’ tale, but it has since been proven to be true!

This is because women with high levels of certain hormones can result in heartburn, and this hormone also affects how much hair babies grow in the womb. So if you find yourself reaching for the Gaviscon all the time, this might be why!


Pregnancy is full of surprises, and some of them can be downright weird. While these facts may not be commonly discussed, they are a reminder that every pregnancy is unique and brings its own set of challenges and experiences. By being aware of these weird pregnancy facts, you can better prepare yourself for the unexpected and enjoy the journey to motherhood.

Do you know other weird pregnancy facts? Let us know in the comments.

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