5 Reasons To Join Hoopsy’s Fertility Community

After months of planning, we are super excited to announce that the Hoopy Fertility Community is live and welcoming new members every day. Whether you have just started TTC or have been on your fertility journey for a while, we can’t wait to welcome you! Not sure if it’s quite right for you? Here are five good reasons to join us.

1. Meet other community members

Feeling lonely and misunderstood? Sick of people saying you’ll get pregnant when the time is right. Yep, us too. Your friends might have good intentions, but no one understands the emotional journey of fertility treatment and TTC like someone going through the same thing. 

Whether you are going through an IVF cycle, embryo transfer, or just beginning your TTC journey, the Hoopsy fertility community is a friendly space where members can chat, ask for advice, and support each other through their journey to parenthood, whatever that journey looks like. 

2. Get advice from fertility experts

Want to ask fertility experts a question but don’t know how to reach them? Then, we’ve got you covered. We have joined forces with 20 of the best fertility experts out there who will be on hand to answer your most burning questions. Whether you’ve got questions about nutrition, sex, fertility treatment, lifestyle or anything else, we’ve got an expert to help. Looking to find out something in particular? Post a comment to our community and we will connect you with an expert that can help.

3. We’ve been there

You can Google IVF treatment, what to expect at your first fertility appointment, the best techniques to conceive, etc. until your eyeballs fall out. But nothing is the same as talking to like-minded women who have been where you are or are going through the same journey. So we wanted to create a safe place where no one feels alone, that is supportive, and where we can learn from each other and share experiences. 

Fertility journeys are complicated and emotional. Medical terminology can be a minefield on its own, as can making sense of our experiences, both good and bad. We know that opening up about our fertility journeys can make the difference between a good and a bad day.

4. Join exclusive community events

We’ve already got a range of virtual events planned and hosted by our lovely fertility experts, including a free fertility masterclass, tips for staying positive during your fertility journey, and advice on prenatal vitamins. Are you reading this after the events? Don’t worry. You can rewatch past events too! We wanted our community to be somewhere anyone can access good quality advice from experts in their fields!

5. A place to hope

Trying to conceive is tough. It can feel like an endless journey with an unknown outcome. Will it all be worth it? Am I setting myself up for more failure? If you are having a hard day, our community is there to empathise and support you through it with a virtual hug and a space to unload. Our members are a supportive bunch that can offer some hope when you are finding it hard to stay positive. 

These are just a few good reasons to join our fertility community. Interested? Or know someone who might be? Sign up here

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