Hoopsy tube ideas

So you have bought the Hoopsy Eco Pregnancy test (yay thank you) you have used the tests, and hopefully got the results you wanted, but you are left with a cardboard tube, what can you do with it?  Obviously you can recycle it in the paper recycling, but why not have some fun first.  Here are some tube ideas for your inspiration….

Decorating Tube Ideas

decorated tube lid
decorating the tube

Feeling creative?  The Hoopsy test tubes are made from brown cardboard and are easy to decorate with pens, pencils, crayons, glitter or even pipe cleaners!  These two creations were made by my nieces aged 3 and 6, it is the perfect activity for children of any age, or adults 🙂

Use the Tube for Storage....

Here are a few ideas for your tube, use it as a pencil case storing pens, pencils, crayons and more, the best part of this is the lid stops them from falling out.  Or how about your straw collection?!?! Well maybe you don’t have a straw collection, so what about chopstick, cutlery, make up brushes, odd bits and bobs or more…

store pens and pencils in the tube
storing silicon straws in the tube
use your tube for storage

Secret Hiding Spot

hiding your sweets in the tube

If you have a bit of a soft spot for chocolate, sweeties, lollies or any kind of treat that someone else in your household might enjoy, then why not hide them in your Hoopsy tube, pop them in, put the lid on and lets face it no one is going to look in there for treats!

lollies hidden in the tube

Other Ideas

Here are some other things you could do with your empty tube, we just haven’t had time to get one of the nieces onto it yet!
– Reuse it for present wrapping, just stick wrapping paper on the outside
– Cut the tube into slices so that you are left with lots of bracelets to decorate and wear – probably for small children 🙂
– Turn it into a mobile for the ceiling by decorating it and cutting into it
– Dog treat toy, put some treats inside and make some holes for the treats to come out through in the side
– Time capsule project.  When we did the free pregnancy test giveaway we had lots of empty tubes and a lady took them all to use to make time capsules with her art class!


If you have any other ideas to share with us, please let us know, send a photo and we will add it to the page!  In the meantime I’m off to move my chocolate to a secret spot *wink wink*

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