Are You Ready to Help Us Reduce the Amount of Single Use Plastic from Pregnancy Tests Going into Landfill?

Yes please join the Hoopsy affiliate program
20% commission on the Hoopsy affiliate program
the benefits of the Hoopsy affiliate program

FABULOUS!!! We’d love you to join the Hoopsy Affiliate program

We are on a mission to reduce the number of pregnancy and ovulation tests going into landfill by 5 million EACH YEAR – Yep it is HUGE goal, which is why we need your help!

When you promote our Hoopsy Eco Pregnancy tests we will give you a 20% commission on any sales (excluding shipping fees) you send to our site from yours 🙂 #winning

To help you get sales via the Hoopsy Affiliate Program we have:

  • Images for you to download to use on your site
  • 30 day cookies (that means if a customer clicks on your link today but doesn’t buy on the site for an another 29 days you still get commission)
  • Custom affiliate links
  • Monthly payouts via Paypal

PLUS of course we send out the orders, deal with all customer service questions and will LOVE you….

Answers to Questions You might have

No, you don’t have to have a website.  You can promote the Hoopsy Eco Pregnancy Tests via Instagram/Facebook/TikTok etc as long as you can use your unique URL then you can apply to join the program.

It depends, we ask you for some information about your website/socials before we approve you, as we want to make sure that it fits with our brand.  Once you have filled in your application we will get back to you in 24-48 hours.

Not necessarily, however, the Hoopsy Eco pregnancy tests are only registered to be sold in UK and Europe currently.  This means that it is unlikely that people outside of these areas will buy as shipping is expensive.

Commissions are paid out monthly at the start of the month for the previous calendar month.  Commissions are paid via Paypal hence we ask for your paypal address when you sign up.

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