Top 5 Meditation Apps For TTC

Is there anything your smartphone can’t do? Calendars, schedules, meal planners, emails and social media. It’s amazing how everything is now available to us at the touch or a swipe. We know there isn’t much about trying to conceive that isn’t stressful. Now there are many apps to support your TTC and fertility journey it’s almost overwhelming! These apps have been designed to help you relax, gain insights into your ovulation cycle and much more. Trying to conceive and going through fertility treatment is stressful. So, today we want to share five brilliant meditation apps we love to help you take a moment to relax and reflect on your journey.

1. Headspace

Headspace is a popular meditation app that offers a wide range of guided meditations, including specific programs tailored for fertility and pregnancy. In addition, the app provides users with guided exercises to reduce stress, increase focus, and cultivate a positive mindset. Headspace’s soothing voice and user-friendly interface make it an excellent choice for beginners and experienced meditators alike.

Women listening to guided meditation whilst sitting on sofa.

2. Mindful IVF

Mindful IVF was created specifically for those undergoing IVF treatment and offers a range of guided meditations to support you through every stage of IVF. You can access 50 fertility meditations for free when you download the app. There is also an option to purchase further meditations from the Mindful IVF Plus program. Available meditations include 2-week wait meditation, frozen cycle meditations, and pre-and post-cycle meditations. We think it’s a fabulous resource for anyone undergoing IVF that offers both free content and the option to purchase additional meditations to suit your needs.

3. Expectful

This app was actually created with pregnant women struggling with anxiety and depression in mind. But as Expectful has evolved, they now offer a range of meditations for women who are trying to conceive. It has a vast library and includes meditations covering subjects such as healing, loss and IVF. It’s clear from the content on offer they have really taken the time to understand what support women need during their fertility journey. You can try the Expectful app for free for seven days to see if it is right for you. 

4. Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a meditation app offering an extensive library of guided meditations, music tracks, and ambient sounds to help you chill when needed. In addition, the app has a specific category dedicated to fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood. Insight Timer allows you to choose from various meditation lengths and styles, making it easy to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine, whether you’ve got an hour to space or a quick 10 minutes.

5. Ferticalm

Ferticalm is a unique meditation app designed to help individuals and couples improve their fertility. The app offers a variety of guided meditations and relaxation techniques specifically created to reduce stress, enhance reproductive health, and optimise fertility. In addition, Ferticalm provides a structured program to follow and allows you to track your progress along the way.

Incorporating meditation into your TTC journey can positively impact your overall well-being and fertility. These five meditation apps offer a range of guided meditations, relaxation exercises, and mindfulness techniques to support you while TTC. So take the first step towards a more centred and calm state of mind by exploring these apps and find one that works for you. Do you have any other meditation app recommendations? Let us know in the comments, or share it with us in the Hoopsy fertility community.

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