Weight Loss and Fertility

I posted about weight loss and fertility last month on the blog and said that I would use it as my accountability buddy, well it is now three weeks later and how am I going? To be honest, not great. When I wrote the blog post on 14th January my BMI was 35.7, today it is 36.5 not going in the right direction. I do have reasons/excuses such as getting Covid, then a tummy bug but whatever, the thing is that if I want to go back and do another embryo transfer in June time I need to pull my finger out and get going. I have four full months, maybe more depending on my transfer date. I hope by my blogging about this it will be helpful for others going through the journey.

After my tummy bug, I decided to go to the doctor and get everything checked as I also have low iron and have to take thyroxine, due to having my thyroid out after thyroid cancer in 2019, hence I wanted to make sure nothing else was affecting my ability to lose weight other than my lack of willpower!

My test results were a bit high for the bad cholesterol number, and although my iron is still low I just keep taking the iron tablets. As I have been telling myself, and my doctor said losing weight will be good for my health as well as if I decide to go for another embryo transfer. I explained that my biggest challenge is accountability. We now have a plan for my weight loss and fertility, namely a three-prong approach
1) Meet with the nurse every week to get weighed
2) Start taking weight loss drugs (Contrave), not super excited about this, but felt that I needed to do something different
3) Healthy eating
4) Keep the exercise going, this part is not an issue for me

Are Drugs The Answer?

Personally, I am not someone who goes for the drug option as the easy way out, e.g. when I have a headache it needs to get really bad for me to take tablets, usually, I will first try to drink lots of water. Weight loss drugs were always something I thought that are taken by REALLY overweight people, which I didn’t consider myself to be, but maybe I am in terms of the medical world 🙁 That is a bit of a shocker to me. I have my first weigh-in on Monday, I am hoping that the combination of accountability, drugs and healthy eating will get me in the swing of things, and the drugs will only be temporary.

I should mention here that I have also seen a nutritionist, a counselor, a spiritual healer, plus I have been hypnotized for weight loss – that did actually work, but the effects only lasted about a year. I’ve done Jenny Craig, Weightwatchers, Lite n Easy, Slimfast, and more, probably like many of the women reading this I have battled my weight on and off my whole life, and it has never been resolved long term. I know that it is a mental thing, but no one has been able to help me to get to the bottom of it as yet.

So far I am on day 3 of the tablets, and my weight is down 2kgs, which is pretty standard for me in the first week of a new diet if I am trying, my problem comes when week 1 is over, which is what I am hoping seeing the nurse will do for me, give me a kick up the bum each week. If you need some help and support please get in touch on the comments below or through the contact us page. I am happy to put together a Whatsapp chat group if peeps are keen, I definitely don’t know all the answers, but sometimes it helps to hang with people in the same boat. Here’s to smaller waists…. I will report back in at the end of Feb xx

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