Hoopsy Weekly Roundup April 6th

Hoopsy Weekly Roundup for Friday, April 6… (25% off on all of our tests!)

Hi! Welcome to my tropical new office in London. I’m now back from Portugal. It was great to be out there meeting people and getting back in the swing of it.

So this week has been all about raising money and focusing on sales. Those have been my two primary objectives. Every single day, I have done something to move towards that. It’s hard because of so many other things in the business to distract me, and it’s just a challenge. But I have been trying to be really accountable with myself this week.

We’re still working on European packaging. We’ll have something to show you next week, which is exciting.

25% off on all our tests

But the big news this week is we’ve got Easter coming up, the Easter long weekend. So everyone’s got four days off. Well, most people. And I thought that maybe with a weekend, a long weekend if you are trying to conceive, you might have a bit of time for a baby dance. In this case, we have got an offer on our website at the moment until the end of Monday, midnight of Monday. 25% off on all our tests if you buy online before midnight on Monday.

So get out there, get baby dancing, enjoy, and have a happy Easter.

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