New Year New Goals?

Personally, I do love starting new things, whether it is a new year, a new tube of toothpaste or a new book. I think part of it is that to start something new I have finished something old. With 2021 drawing to a close I am planning/dreaming/thinking about the new year that is 2022, what will it hold? Will it be better than 2021?

For me baby-wise, 2021 was two failed embryo transfers, but on the positive side, I got to spend nearly three months with family (including 6 nieces and nephews) and met my fabulous new niece, also called Lara (after me). So although it was disappointing that I am not currently pregnant – I was thinking about this when I was at the beach the other day, I would be 4 months along now if it had worked, and this is a good summer in Sydney to be pregnant because it isn’t that hot! I know that “they” (whoever they are) say everything happens for a reason, but when you want something so MUCH it is very hard to believe that, I feel like shouting what reason? TELL ME!!!

I am choosing to focus on the positives from 2021, and made this list of what my positives were for the year, the reason being is that I know that remembering the positives and the good things that happen makes me realise what is important to me.

  • Meeting my new niece Lara
  • Hanging out with family for 10 weeks
  • Traveling overseas in a pandemic
  • Selling one of my previous businesses to free up time for this!
  • Spending time with my nephew who is 2 and called me Mama (along with my sister Mama and his sister Mama) when I was with him!
  • Moving to an apartment I love 300m from the ocean
  • Starting Hoopsy with Preethi

So what are your positives from 2021? Don’t say NONE, I am sure you can find one or two. I’d love to see yours, if you feel comfortable please share below in the comments.

For 2022 I have put together my goals for work, love, fitness and play so watch this space as the year unfolds to see what comes up!

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