A Fertility Community To Support Every Journey

We are so excited that February is here! Not because it’s Valentine’s day and the prices of flowers are about to triple or because January is finally over, and it felt like it would never end. We are excited because in just two short weeks, our Hoopsy fertility community will be launching, and we cannot wait to welcome you through our virtual doors!

Our free community launches on February 15th. Join the waitlist here!

A community created to support every journey

We are launching our brand new community to connect women across the UK throughout their journeys to parenthood. Whether you are looking to find your fertility bestie to share your tears and laughter with, or you just want somewhere to drop in for some support and advice where people really get you. The fertility community is a safe and inclusive space to share the fun and frustrations that come with trying to conceive. 

We’ve put a lot of thought into what our fertility community should look like. Here are a few things you can expect when you join:

  • Heaps of educational resources to support your fertility journey.
  • The chance to chat with fertility experts, nutritionists, mentors and therapists on all things fertility and conception related.
  • An army of women to celebrate you during the good times and support you if things get tough on your journey. Find fertility besties for life!
  • Answers to burning questions and the ability to ask our friendly community anything.
  • Access to online events, we’ve got a lot planned! Join us to hear about events from a range of experts. 
  • A completely safe space where you can join in discussions and ask questions on a range of topics, like trying to conceive, fertility checkup chats, pregnancy testing, ovulation tracking, IVF, and sex while TTC to name just a few! 
  • Access to exclusive special offers from Hoopsy.

Who can join the fertility community?

The Hoopsy team have created the fertility community to support women like you. Our goal is to connect women who are trying to conceive either naturally or whilst undergoing fertility treatment across the UK. It’s a safe and supportive space where you can discuss anything related to your journey to pregnancy and a whole lot more. 

We know from personal experience everyone’s fertility journey is different, and we’ve all got a unique story to tell. Trying to conceive can be an all-consuming journey that can take all your time and energy. Sometimes, just being able to reach out to people in the same boat as you can make the world seem a little bit brighter and help us feel less alone.

So if you are looking for a fertility bestie that really gets you as well as access to a range of fabulous resources, friendly banter and awesome experts, join our community waitlist today for access on our launch day, February 15th. We can’t wait to see you there!

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