Hoopsy Weekly Roundup February 3rd

Hoopsy Weekly Roundup for Friday, February 3rd…

Hi! Welcome to this week’s weekly roundup. So this week it’s been all about focusing on the community and also focusing on our blog. We have a new blog manager, Sarah. Excitingly! She started this week, so she’s doing a bit of an overhaul and we’re going to get our SEO for the website going really well.

I finished sending out, literally packing, and sending out 2568 free pregnancy test samples. So thank you, everyone, who’s requested one. And we’re starting to get reviews and feedback, which is really helpful. And this will help other people as well who are thinking about trying the test. So fabulous!

Hoopsy Community Waitlist

With the community, we were going to launch on February 15 and there’s still time to jump on the waitlist and be one of the first people through the doors. We are lining up some experts focusing on the community. We’ve been having great conversations this week with lots of different people about how they can help you guys and anyone that’s on their fertility journey. And they’ve been creating videos and it’s going to be so good. It’s so good. I’m so excited to see it all come together.

And thank you to everyone who sent in their test results. It’s great to see that people are using the Hoopsy pregnancy test and they’re working well. We’ve had two positive test results this week, so two Hoopsy babies are on the way, which is very exciting.

So I will let you get on. Have a lovely weekend, and a lovely week, and let’s see what this week brings for us.

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If you are looking for a fertility bestie that really gets you as well as access to a range of fabulous resources, friendly banter, and awesome experts, join our community waitlist today. We can’t wait to see you there!

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