What’s the Difference between a Hoopsy Eco Pregnancy Test & a Strip Test

There are a few differences between a Hoopsy Eco Pregnancy test and a strip test, one of which is size! (Let’s face it size always matters… lol) For those of you who love a video check out the 16 seconds of fun below, but if you like words read on below the video 🙂

I haven’t looked at accuracy levels for the two tests, as they are both the same, and in terms of the number of days that you can test before your period that will depend on the brand of strip test you use. Instead, I have focused on the differences between the Hoopsy Eco pregnancy test and a strip test.

differences between Hoopsy eco pregnancy test and a strip test

The Size
What can I say… bigger is definitely better!! The Hoopsy tests are 15cm long by 1.5cm wide, so easy to pick up and hold, not just when you are looking at the results but also when you are using them. Whereas strip tests (depending on the brand) are around 0.4cm wide by 9cm long making them small and fiddly to hold depending on the size of your fingers.

Ease of Use
Strip tests require you to wee in a cup/container and then hold the test in the urine for a few seconds, making them rather messy and hard to use. Whereas with a Hoopsy test you can just wee straight on it, no container to find, clean or throw away, much easier!

Ease of Reading Results
Because the size of the strip tests is so small the lines are also small making them harder to read than a larger test. The Hoopsy tests have a large space for the results lines and even for those who need glasses, there is no need to get them out!

Something that I always worry about when testing is the plastic. The Hoopsy tests are made from 99% paper, whereas the strip tests are about 50% paper, but I hear you say the strip tests are much smaller so surely in terms of volume or weight of plastic they use less than the Hoopsy test? Nope, our tests are still winners in terms of the least amount of plastic used, by approximately 50% less than strip tests – it sounds vague because the size and amount of plastic in each strip test varies by brand, so I am just estimating!

One thing I love about the Hoopsy tests is that you can easily write on them, no need for a marker pen, just grab the nearest biro and jot down the date, time or whatever else you want to put. Unfortunately, strip tests have plastic on them so you’d need a marker pen to write on them, and VERY tiny handwriting!

Now I have explained the difference between our Hoopsy Eco pregnancy test and a strip test hopefully you are clear on which are best for the planet (hint it’s our Hoopsy pregnancy tests)!

Which tests do you use and why?

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