8 Reasons to Buy Your Pregnancy Tests Online

I read an interesting article yesterday about a lady that drove for 30 minutes to buy a pregnancy test because she didn’t want to buy from her local chemist, which made me think that there must be lots of reasons to buy your pregnancy tests online rather than in a store. Here’s the ones I’ve thought of….

  1. Busy Bodies
    Depending on where you live, it might be in a small village where everyone knows everyone and you never know who might see you in the pharmacy or corner shop making your purchase and then it will be all around the village in 5 minutes…. probably before you even get the test results!
  2. No Time
    Maybe you are flat out at work, or traveling a lot, or have lots going on at home and just don’t have time to get out to the pharmacy to buy the brand you like, shopping online makes this so much easier – a few clicks and you are done.
  3. Empty Shelves
    Maybe you’ve been to the supermarket 4 times and they never have any stock, unless you want to spend a fortune on the digital tests, and the pharmacy always seems to be closed when you think about going. Buying online is the perfect solution, delivery to your door.
  4. No Sustainable Option
    If like me you are really trying to live a sustainable lifestyle and ideally plastic free how can you purchase if all the midstream tests have huge amounts of plastic – not to mention they won’t fit in the jam jar that you have decided has to hold all your plastic for a year! Obviously, this is where I pimp our Eco Pregnancy Test because it is made from 99% paper and you can cut out the plastic bit (which is where the results show up) and put it in your home compost – much less waste in your jam jar!
  5. No Larger Pack Sizes
    You and your partner have decided to start trying for a baby, but you know that it might take up to 12 months to get pregnant, even though you really hope it will happen in month one. In the pharmacy, you can only find 3 packs, and think wouldn’t it be easier to just get a 10 pack and know that you have it covered for a few months? Did I mention that you can buy our eco pregnancy tests online and they come in a 10 pack? 🙂
  6. Love Online Shopping
    Maybe you buy everything online, so the thought of having to actually visit a shop in real life, is just too much to bear, buying your pregnancy tests online is definitely de rigor…
  7. It’s A Present
    Buying online means you can buy it for someone else and save the cost and hassle of actually sending it to them. Buying a friend a pregnancy test may seem like an odd gift, but let’s face it if they are trying to conceive it is a very useful present!
  8. You Don’t Trust Your Partner to Get it Right
    Based on the last time you sent him shopping for sanitary items and despite screen shots, the exact name of the product and getting him to repeat what you wanted 5 times he still came back with the wrong thing you can’t face that happening again….

Have I persuaded you? There is also the fact that buying pregnancy tests online means that you can open the package when you want in the comfort of your own space, rather than (if you live with others) having people see you come back from the shops asking “what did you get?” Well, that is what happens in my house!

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