Hoopsy Weekly Roundup June 2nd

Hoopsy Weekly Roundup for Friday, May 26th… ( Dublin Tech Summit)

Hi, welcome to this week’s weekly roundup!

So this week I’ve been in Dublin for three days at the Tech Summit, where I’ve been basically talking to people, trying to find out some information about investment, about best investors in Ireland and Europe, and meeting people, actually. The people were so lovely and so helpful. It was great.

I also learned a lot more about AI, which I just find fascinating. A bit like a car wreck. You kind of can’t stop looking at it, but it’s really scary.

And also I stayed with a friend of mine, Deborah from Nua Fertility, and she has got a great prenatal supplement brand, so we’re going to be doing some collaborations together, which is exciting. I’ve also just finding out about the re-teller scene in Ireland because Deborah’s been selling there for a while and setting up meetings with distributors.

So it’s been a very feels like. Productive week. And it’s been exciting to meet other business owners and other entrepreneurs. Oh, and I met the guy that invented Siri, as in Hi Siri on Apple iPhones, which was kind of cool. He was so awesome. He did a keynote and he was so passionate and excited and, yeah, he was great. Adam Cheyer. I’m not sure if that’s how you say it, but, yeah, if you get a chance to see him, he’s great.

So have a wonderful week, everyone, and I will let you know what’s happening in the Hoopsy world next Friday. Bye.

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