Five Most Common Questions We Get Asked About Our Eco Pregnancy Test

Thinking about trying out the Hoopsy eco-friendly pregnancy test but not sure how it works compared to others? Well, firstly, we can confirm that it’s pretty similar to all the plastic pregnancy tests available on the market, except it’s miles better for the environment! Our eco-friendly pregnancy test is made from 99% paper and is 50% recyclable.

As with all new products, our customers sometimes ask us questions. So we thought we would share the five questions we get asked most often in case they have crossed your mind too!

How accurate is the Hoopsy eco-friendly pregnancy test?

The Hoopsy pregnancy test is up to 99.8% accurate when taken from the first day of your missed period. You can test up to five days before your missed period with an accuracy of 98%, and this gradually increases as your levels of hCG rise each day if you are pregnant.

What does my result mean?

What does my result mean?

Some of our customers have had a little trouble reading our eco-friendly pregnancy test results. In summary, if two pink lines appear in the results window, your test is positive, hurrah! 

You might find one line is lighter than the other, but two lines still indicate the hCG has been detected in your urine. Sometimes the test background can appear white to very light pink, but this shouldn’t affect your ability to read the result. If it’s not 100% clear, try the test at arm’s length, and if you can see two lines, you can be pretty sure you are pregnant! 

Of course, you can always take a picture of your test and contact us if you have any questions about the result. We are always very happy to help!

How do I recycle the test after use?

One of the best things about the Hoopsy eco-pregnancy test is that it’s 50% recyclable. But which 50%? Well, it’s the half you haven’t pee’d on or dipped in urine. Simply tear the test in half, and the dry end can go in with your mixed recycling and the other half in your general waste. 

The good news is, even the half you need to bin will break down literally years quicker than a plastic pregnancy test.

How did you come up with the idea?

Good question. Well, when Lara, our founder, was going through her own fertility journey, she found herself, like many other women trying to conceive using a lot of plastic pregnancy tests. After doing a lot of research, she was horrified to learn that in the US alone, around 20 million tests end up in landfill every year. Every one of those tests takes 20-30 years to break down. 

She decided there has to be a better way, and after finding that no one offered an eco-friendly alternative, she got to work and came up with Hoopsy with the aim of making pregnancy testing more sustainable. You can read more about Lara’s journey and Hoopsy here.

Is there a Hoopsy Ovulation test?

Umm no, not yet. But watch this space. We are planning on launching an eco-friendly ovulation test later this year! We can’t wait to share more information soon!

Have you tried Hoopsy’s eco-friendly pregnancy test?

Hoopsy’s eco-friendly pregnancy test is available in our online shop now. It’s made from 99% paper and is over 99% accurate. It works in exactly the same way as any other mid-stream pregnancy test you might have used in the past. The biggest difference is that it’s a lot kinder to our environment and takes up much less space in landfill. Not only that, it’s 50% recyclable. If you have tried the Hoopsy eco-pregnancy test, we would love to know what you think! Let us know in the comments. 

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