Five Tips to Have an Eco-Conscious Fertility Journey

Trying for a baby is tough. You will know that better than anyone.  We think a lot about the eco impact of many things we do in everyday life, for example driving cars or taking public transport, waste management and eco-friendly alternatives.  You may not have thought much about the eco impact of your fertility journey (which is totally understandable!) but it’s definitely something to begin to consider if you want to make green changes in your life.

We’ve come up with 5 main tips that could help you have a more eco-conscious fertility journey.  This list is not exhaustive so if there’s anything we’ve missed just let us know in the comments!

Taking a vitamin

ONE: Review Your Prenatal Vitamin Packaging:
Consider buying prenatal vitamins that come in recyclable packaging. This is a great way to reduce your plastic consumption. Some vitamins come in cardboard or glass which is easily recycled. If the vitamins you take come in blister packs, these can be recycled at some pharmacies through the TerraCycle scheme.

TWO:  Track Your Cycle Closely:
You probably already know the importance of tracking your cycle – Hoopsy also has an ovulation tracker which is absolutely free to download from our website! Keeping an eye on when your ovulating is really important and crucial to optimise your chances of falling pregnant. Keeping a track of this online or via an app is a great way to avoid unnecessary printing.

THREE:  Attend Appointments Virtually or by Telephone:
Where possible, this is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint rather than traveling by car or public transport to appointments. Unless of course you need an examination, telephone and virtual assessments are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, save time and have consultations with your doctor or healthcare provider from the comfort of your own home!

Virtul doctors appointments

FOUR: Consider an Alternative to your Pregnancy Tests:
Thinking of how many pregnancy tests you may use, an easy substitution is to use the Hoopsy eco-pregnancy test which is made from 99% paper, are just as accurate and can reduce your carbon footprint significantly as they have 99% less plastic than standard midstream pregnancy tests. Standard midstream pregnancy tests can take around 20-30 years to break down in landfill!

Put appointments straight in your calendar

FIVE: Avoid Paper Where Possible:
When you’re scheduling your next appointment with your doctor or nurse, make sure to add this to your calendar on your phone rather than taking a paper appointment card. It can also be helpful to ask the clinic to email you your results rather than printing them. The small things really add up!

To wrap up – the main things you can do for an eco-conscious fertility journey are reviewing your prenatal vitamin packaging, track your cycle closely, avoid paper where possible, attend appointments virtually or by telephone, and consider substituting your regular pregnancy tests. Do you have any suggestions of your own? If there are any tips you have, please feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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