HIV Positive Parents – Really?

THe baby who changed the world book about hiv positive parents

An HIV positive parent is that really possible?? The Baby Who Changed the World is a fascinating book of stories, on a topic that I have to admit I’ve never thought about, having a baby when one of the parents is HIV positive.

Did you know you CAN have a baby if a parent is HIV positive?

I know, wow! I’m sure that the majority of people think that anyone who is HIV positive is considered out of the running for parenthood.

This awesome book has been published by Sperm Positive, the world’s first HIV positive sperm bank and to give hope to people who are HIV positive who thought that having a baby was not open to them. Sperm Positive is a New Zealand organisation that has been created to reduce the stigma and discrimination that people with HIV still experience in life.

The book is the true stories of eight different families who have each had a baby where one of the parents is HIV positive. It is inspiring, enlightening and a delightful read, all about not giving up hope on your dreams. You can buy/read the book here at

How Can You Make a Baby if a Parent is HIV Positive

People living with HIV who are on effective treatment cannot sexually transmit HIV, according to a statement was released in 2008 called The Swiss Statement.

Several conditions were included for the statement.
The HIV positive person needs to be good at taking their meds and routinely seeing their doctor, and
Their viral load needs to be undetectable for at least six months (for example, less than 40 copies/mL), and
That they have no other sexually transmitted infections (STIs)”

Studies have shown that if someone is on effective HIV treatment then the risk of catching HIV from sex without a condom is very, very, very low, the same as catching it from kissing someone with HIV and all this amazing research has led to the U=U campaign (Undetectable = Untransmittable) AND babies!!

Wow! I think it is fabulous what the Sperm Positive team is doing to raise awareness for HIV positive parents – I had to write about it, give their book a plug and help them to spread the word far and wide. Love to hear your thoughts in the comments….

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