Hoopsy Pregnancy Test Review

I’ve recently joined the lovely Hoopsy team as their blog manager. Obviously, one of the first things I needed to do after hearing all about the Hoopsy eco pregnancy test was to give it a try myself to see if it was as good as it sounds.

When I initially spoke with Lara (Hoopsy’s founder), she explained precisely what the Hoopsy eco-pregnancy test is and how it works. (Exactly like any other mid-stream pregnancy test, in case you are wondering) I was amazed to learn that it’s the only product of its kind available that is 99% plastic free. Firstly, how cool is that?! 

My initial thoughts were that this product could revolutionalise pregnancy tests as we know them. It could move us away from the hard plastic tests we are all familiar with and move to something that does the same job whilst being a whole lot kinder to the environment.

Initial impressions of the Hoopsy Eco-Pregnancy Test

Sarah with a Hoopsy pregnancy test pack

When I received my pack of three eco-pregnancy tests, I was immediately taken in by the packaging. Whilst not about the product’s functionality. The design is so subtle it could easily sit in the bathroom cabinet or on a shelf and look like a beauty or self-care product. The instructions on the tube are clear and easy to follow. The cardboard tube is recyclable and almost looks too smart to throw away! 

As a mum of two, I’ve taken more pregnancy tests than I care to admit! I can say with 100% confidence that the Hoopsy mid-stream test instructions are very much the same as any other pregnancy test. The major differences are that the test is made of paper, not plastic.

Before opening the test, I had a quick read of the instructions. Everything was clear and simple, and I had no questions about how to use the test. The instructions even show you where to pee in case you are confused. Perfect!

Using the Hoopsy Eco pregnancy test

As you would expect, after urinating on the test, two lines would mean a positive (wahoo!), and if negative, just one line to let you know the test has worked as it should! It’s obvious on the test where you need to hold it in your urine stream. The results panel is very clear and easy to read. When taking the pregnancy test, I found it as sturdy as any other pregnancy test I have taken before and easy to hold mid-stream. 

After doing my bit, I placed the test on the side and went about my business for five minutes before checking the result! 

When I came back to check the result, it was immediately obvious that it was negative, as I had just one line in the result window. (Entirely as expected!). If I wanted to write on the test, it would be very easy to do. There’s not much more for me to say on this. The test works well, and it’s super easy to use. I loved that I could break it in half and pop half in my recycling. 


I honestly have only positive things to say about the Hoopsy eco pregnancy test. Compared to others on the market, it’s just as accurate, easy to use and priced competitively. The added bonus of using a Hoopsy eco pregnancy test is that it’s better for the environment. Because it’s made of 99% paper and 99% plastic free.

If I was in a position where I needed to buy pregnancy tests on a regular basis again, I can’t see any reason not to choose Hoopsy. Knowing that it is also better for the environment is also a huge bonus. 

Have you tried the Hoopsy eco pregnancy test yet? Contact us to let us know your thoughts.

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