How To Use The Hoopsy Eco Pregnancy Test when Dipping into Your Urine

Today I thought I’d show you, how you can use your pregnancy test when dipping into your urine, if you prefer to dip it rather than wee on the stick. Obviously it is a midstream test, which means you can wee on it, but some people like to collect their urine in a cup and then dip the test in, which you can do too.

Here is some, wee I prepared earlier. Basically, I weed in the cup and here it is. This was done about five minutes ago, so we will test it to see if I’m pregnant or not, and show you how the test works. We’ve had a few people that have not really managed to get the right results when I say the right results, any result because mostly because they’re not holding their tests in the urine for long enough if they’re doing a dip test.

So we are gonna take a Hoopsy test. And show you how it works. So let’s open your test. You need to put the end here up to the max line in the urine, and it says on the instructions for six to 10 seconds. But that does depend on how diluted your urine is. You can see here today my urine is quite diluted.

I’ve been drinking a lot of water today, so it might take slightly longer. So basically how it works is that the urine travels up the stick, reacts with the chemical to give you the result. So you need to make sure that urine has time to get up there. So it might sometimes be longer. It might sometimes be shorter.

So, let’s see. So I’m gonna pop it in here. I’m gonna hold it. Then we count one elephant, two elephants, three elephants, four elephants, five elephants, six elephants, seven elephants, eight elephants, nine elephants. 10 elephants. Now you can see, if you look at the side, I dunno if you can see, but the chemicals starting to the move up.

The test. You can see now at the front, you see it’s traveling up the pink dye. So this means that you’ve actually got enough urine on the test. So you can see in my case, because I did say my urine’s quite diluted, it might take longer than 10 seconds. It has, and you can see it is traveling up once you’ve got your test.

You lay it on a fat surface and you wait for anything up to 10 minutes. Again, that depends on how diluted your urine is, but you can see the result very quickly. You can see here that I’ve got one line, which means I’m not pregnant. No big surprises there. If I was pregnant, I would get another line there.

So if you are using the test and you have got nothing in this spot here, it’s because it hasn’t got enough urine on it. And so the urine hasn’t reacted with the chemical, which means you haven’t got the result. So you need to make sure that if you are dipping, that you’re holding it in there for long enough so that you get the accurate result.

Cuz as you can see, works really well and that is how you use the Hoopsy pregnancy test when you’re dipping it into your wee.

Used Hoopsy eco pregnancy test

This is my test once it has dried out, you can clearly see the test line which shows you that a) the test has worked and b) there is no second line therefore it is negative.

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