Let’s Take A Pregnant Pause

We are super excited to announce that Hoopsy has launched the pregnant pause report. The report is all about taking a moment to pause and reflect on the silent struggles of women who’ve been TTC for a long period of time. It’s a struggle that is so, so hard, but very few women share openly due to the stigma and lack of education and empathy around the subject. One in six couples struggle with infertility globally and we want to recognise the very real struggle every one of them goes through on their fertility journey.

In this blog, we will talk about what the pregnant pause campaign is, why we decided to launch it and how you can get involved to help break the stigma and shame associated with infertility.

What is the pregnant pause report?

Pregnant Pause report cover

Hoopsy produced the pregnant pause report to highlight and raise awareness of the enormous struggle that women who are TTC go through when they are unable to get pregnant. After going through her own difficult fertility journey, Lara Solomon Hoopsy’s founder realised that many women on a similar journey don’t feel supported or have access to a network to lean on when they need to talk about their struggles. The report, in partnership with the free Hoopsy fertility community where women can connect with others and seek expert advice, hopes to change this.

Back in January, we surveyed 522 women who were currently TTC for over a year to really understand how this impacts their lives and mental health and well-being. The survey highlighted some eye-opening home truths about how women struggle when TTC. For example:

  • 35% of those surveyed said they worry they will never become a mum.
  • 30% said they feel lonely and isolated on their fertility journey.
  • 28% of participants admitted to feeling upset when they saw pregnant women with bumps.

You can download the full report here

We want to make it known that these feelings are natural when struggling to conceive. We know that talking about infertility is hard for anyone going through it, which can make it feel all the more lonely. One in six couples struggle to conceive, so if you or someone close to you is struggling, please know you are certainly not alone!

That’s why Hoopsy has launched a campaign called Pregnant Pause to raise awareness and ask more people to take a moment to pause and really think about the thousands of women who are fighting their infertility battle every single day.


We get it. Trying to conceive is hard Talking about a taboo topic like fertility can be a powerful way to break down barriers and open up important conversations. You can help to create a safe and supportive space where others feel comfortable sharing their own thoughts and feelings. By sharing the report or joining the Hoopsy fertility community, you are helping to raise awareness and create positive change – so keep the conversation going and don’t be afraid to take a #pregnantpause for all those women who are or have had fertility issues.

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