Fertile Women Wear Red! (So We Are Told!)

Are you ovulating right now? If you are, or think you might be, do me a favour and let me know what colour clothes you wear. Why? Well, according to several studies, fertile women who are ovulating are more likely to pick out red garments from their wardrobes to appear more attractive to the opposite sex! Crazy eh? We decided to delve deeper into this research and what it actually means!

The Colour Preference Study

Bright coloured t.shirts ordered by colour.

In 2013, a group of researchers led by Dr Daniela Kayser at the University of Rochester conducted a study to explore the relationship between female ovulation and colour preference. The study involved 124 women of reproductive age who were not taking hormonal contraceptives. The participants were divided into two groups: fertile women in their ovulation phase and those in the non-fertile phase.

The women were presented with images depicting a wide range of colours, and their preferences were recorded. The researchers found a significant association between the fertile phase and their colour choices, such as red and pink. The effect was observed even when controlling for factors like age, hormonal contraceptive use, and cultural background.

What Are The Reasons Behind This Colour Biase When Ovulating? 

There are many speculative explanations to understand why ovulating women have a colour preference. One theory suggests that the attraction to red and pink during ovulation might be down to biological factors. Red is associated with increased blood flow, which could be a subconscious signal of fertility. Similarly, pink, often associated with youth and health, might be considered attractive during the fertile window.

Psychological factors are also believed to have an impact. For example, some researchers argue that women’s colour choice could be influenced by how they see themselves during ovulation. It’s no secret that ovulation can make us women feel more attractive and confident during this phase, and red and pink are often associated with femininity and attractiveness in many cultures. So women may choose these colours to enhance their appearance and boost their self-esteem subconsciously.


The relationship between ovulation and colour preference is an interesting concept, and we would love to know if you choose certain colours when you are ovulating compared to the rest of the month, or maybe these women just loved a splash of red or pink. 

While studies have shown that fertile women tend to gravitate towards red and pink hues, the underlying mechanisms and implications could be explored further. Understanding choices like this could provide valuable knowledge about the influence of biology and psychology on our daily choices. What do you think? Do you wear red when ovulating? I’ll definitely be double-checking my wardrobe choices from now on! Let us know in the Hoopsy Fertility Community!

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