Hoopsy Weekly Roundup March 3rd

Hoopsy Weekly Roundup for Friday, March 3rd…

Hi, welcome to this week’s weekly roundup! Well oh my goodness, it’s been busy this week. I had a long weekend in Amsterdam so I didn’t get back until Tuesday night.

And then Wednesday I went to the warehouse. I had to do a ton of stickering on packs. Unfortunately, they gave me the wrong information. Something was printed on the pack that wasn’t supposed to be there. And so we had to over-sticker it. So that was 6 hours, 30 boxes, and 2,400 packs that I re-stickered. Startup life, so much fun!

After getting that investment offer last week, which is fabulous. We spent the rest of the week getting all the stuff ready for that. You know, I think people think you do these raises, and magically the money appears in your bank. It would be so good if it happened like that, but it’s so much paperwork. There’s a lot of “have you done this and have you done that?”

There’s also a lot of “we need to see your balance sheet”, and “we need to see your PNL” and we just want to check you’re a proper company. And then more of “you haven’t done this and you haven’t done that or broken the law.” And so, yeah, so the last few days have been that.

I went to an open evening for a new accelerator last night. I’ll find out on Tuesday. And that’s the Impact Accelerator called Unrest. That will be exciting. Hopefully, we’ll get on to that because I think that would really hold us accountable. It will make sure that we’re actually doing what we say we’re doing and not getting distracted by other things.

If you are a startup founder, you know what it’s like. There are so many things going on. It’s often hard to focus on the right thing that’s going to move the needle. So having people to hold you accountable is really important and that’s it.

It’s just been crazy. So I will see you next week. I’m going to be working over the weekend to catch up on things and just feel on top of things. Have a good weekend.

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