Hoopsy Weekly Roundup January 27th

Hoopsy Weekly Roundup for Friday, January 27th…

Hi! Welcome to this week’s weekly roundup. So it’s been as usual a busy week at Hoopsy HQ. I have been packing those requests for free samples. Oh my goodness! We now have over 2,700 requests. It’s gone crazy, but we’re only doing it until the end of the month. So if you do want one, jump in on the website page and request yours. I will be finishing packing them over the weekend because I to be honest I am just rather over it anyway. But it’s great that people want the product and want to give it a try. So thank you to everyone that has requested one.

And also this week we got into Unfabled, which is an online store, which is all about environmentally friendly women’s health products. So you can now buy Hoopsy tests there, which is exciting.

We’ve also hired a new blog manager. She starts next week. We are gonna increase the amount of blogging that we’re doing on the site, which is exciting. If you do want to guest blog for us, we’d love to have you just get in touch. Our new blog manager will be happy to connect with you.

We’ll be increasing the amount of content we’re producing so that we can cover a really, really wide range of areas and also tell more personal stories.

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And finally, our community is coming together. We’ve had to delay the launch slightly just because we switched platforms. We’ve switched to Circle, which I think is a better option for us cause it means we can embed it in the website. But it does mean that we’ve just had a few delays. But it’s gonna be good. I am really excited and stressed about it. We’re aiming for 15th of February as our launch date. But sign up for the waitlist if you’re interested because we might let people on the waitlist in early. Who knows, if we’re ready. Exciting.

So I hope you have had a good week, whatever you have been doing, and I look forward to filling you in on what’s happening in the Hoopsy world next week.

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