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Launching a new product one of the most important things after getting the product right is getting the packaging right, and believe me I was rather nervous about it – I didn’t want to print 60,000 pouches (that the tests go in) and for them to have a typo or for the instructions to be wrong. Hence I deliberated over them for ages to make sure they were right. I am pretty sure that I will change the packaging for the next production run, there are a few tweaks that would reduce the amount of packaging and improve the experience… but I am jumping ahead, let me show you what I have and see what you think!

three sizes of pregnancy test tubes

These are the tubes that the tests come in and what you will see if you go into a store to buy the tests. I decided on the cardboard tubes because they are 100% recyclable, and could be easily used later – if you have ideas as to how they could be used let me know as we will be starting a page of tube reuse ideas!

I love that these tubes have lids that mean you can easily keep your tests safe and they are easy to open and close.

These are the pouches that the Eco Pregnancy tests come in. Unfortunately at the moment they are made from plastic as the test need to be kept moisture free so that they work properly, but my goal with our next version of the test is to make these more eco friendly. Although of course you can recycle these in with other soft plastics, but usually that means a trip to the supermarket to do it.

On the test packaging we ask you to share your result with us because we’d love to know how you go and if you got the result you wanted. Personally, I know that REALLY wanting one result and getting the other is very hard, so I am hoping that by asking you we can help you in some way.

Hoopsy Eco pregnancy test pouch packaging

The final part of the packaging is the instruction leaflet, which I have tried to write to make it easy to understand to make life easy. There are some things in the instructions that we have to include so it does end up being quite long, but you can just skip to the how to 🙂 Although while waiting on your test result you might like to read the rest 🙂

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