Hoopsy Weekly Roundup February 24th

Hoopsy Weekly Roundup for Friday, February 24th…

Hi! Well, this week’s weekly round-up. It’s been a hectic week. I know, I probably say this every single week, but this week has been particularly crazy.

Pitch Competition

On Tuesday night, I did a pitch competition, and I won. It’s the Atlantic Academy‘s Pitch Event. So we won an investment of £150,000 in the business. Still subject to due diligence and that kind of thing. Unfortunately, they didn’t come out with some giant novelty cheque and give it to us. That would have been really nice.

But anyway, there is lots of paperwork to do with that pitch competition. So that’s what we’re going through at the moment. And otherwise, it’s just been business as usual. We have had quite a few sales this week. The community is starting to take off. And it’s just been getting on top of all of that.

I’m off to Amsterdam today, which is nice. It’s for a mini break. I’ll be back on Wednesday. I’ll be doing a little bit of work while I’m away. But I’m going to catch up with a friend from Australia. So that will be lovely.

And so yeah, just today just got to get stuff done. So that you grow this empire, expand the brand, and save the world. That’s the plan.

Have a lovely weekend, and I will see you next week.

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