Pregnancy Tests Compared

You head to the shops only to be faced with lots of pregnancy tests, which one do you choose? UK pregnancy tests compared below show you quickly and easily what each one offers so that you know which one to buy.

pregnancy test brands compared

Which Test Do I Choose?

Best For Eco Friendly
If you care about the planet and want to choose the most eco option our pregnancy tests compared table shows you quickly and easily that Hoopsy is the best pregnancy test option that you can buy unless you want to try a DIY pregnancy test. The problem with the DIY tests is that they aren’t that reliable, and you definitely can’t take them before your period is due.

For Help
If you are taking a test for the first time, worried about getting it wrong, or just nervous in general about testing then look for a testing company that gives you support with the test. At Hoopsy I know that this happens and that you can’t actually get hold of most test companies to ask questions, which is why we have a 24/7 helpline, you can text, WhatsApp, email, Instagram or call us any day of the week, whether it is to get help reading a test, or asking when to take it or anything in between.

For Support
We are the ONLY UK pregnancy test brand that has a free online fertility community to give you the support and resources whatever your situation.

For Sensitivity
I should mention here that not every woman produces hCG in the same amounts as another. An hCG level of 5miu/ml or more is considered to be pregnant, hence why there are tests that measure 10miu/ml. However, when most women test their hCG levels will be in the 100s so using a test that measures 10 or 25miu/ml really doesn’t matter. It is when you know when implantation occurred (or close to it) such as when doing an embryo transfer that this could be useful because it will be able to detect very early levels.

The Cheapest
Strip tests are always going to be the cheapest because they are the smallest and use the least amount of materials. However with this comes messiness, you need to wee in a cup and dip the test in, and I know quite a few women are not fans of that.

It is hard there are so many options, and you really want the most accurate one, but whether you buy a cheap or more expensive test the accuracy levels are THE SAME. Instead why not think about the impact that using the test has on the planet, choose one that will make you feel that you did the right thing, even if you don’t get the result you want.

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