Hoopsy Weekly Roundup May 12th

Hoopsy Weekly Roundup for Friday, May 12th… ( Same accuracy level)

Hi. Welcome to this week’s weekly roundup. So, last day in Italy, off back to London tomorrow. I’ve got so many things lined up for next week, it’s just crazy. So, yeah, it’s nice to have one more calm day before I go back into networking and meeting people.

This week, first of all, one thing I did was I did a bit of well, I called it a taste test, but it’s not really tasting. But basically, I’ve compared Hoopsy and Clear Blue and a couple of other pregnancy tests to each other to basically show people that our test is the same accuracy level as the rest. And it is funnily enough. So that was interesting to get people’s feedback on that.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time doing sales. We’re trying to get more retailers on board, and also reaching out to Europe to try and get the distributors. To come on board and focus on fundraising as well. Not my favourite thing, but it’s very important because we will need to get some more cash injected because we’ve just started working on the industrial design of our patent that we filed. So we need to get a bit more cash so that we can get that through, get that finished.

We’ve also got to do some research into a new material that we want to use in our pregnancy test and that would be with CSIRO. So, again, that’s going to require some cash. So if you’re watching this and you have cash, please get in touch.

But seriously, we are looking for investors. So that’s really been the whole week. It’s just it doesn’t sound like very much, but all that stuff takes a long time and Lovely been spending my evenings, catching up with my niece Lara. Looking forward to being back in London next week and meeting people and getting out and about. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you next week.

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