Hoopsy Weekly Roundup April 14th

Hoopsy Weekly Roundup for Friday, April 14th… (Hoopsy’s first tradeshow)

Hi. Welcome to this week’s weekly roundup. So this week there’s been a few different things going on. Been looking at the brand positioning. Just been thinking, we’re positioning ourselves as eco-friendly, which is great, but really, are people actually looking for that? And I don’t think they are right this second.

I think sometimes in your business, you get really stuck in the “this is what I think is important.” And like, we told everyone everything 50 times, so they must know it by now, but unfortunately, they don’t. And you sometimes forget that you’ve got to go a bit back to basics and reinforce that original kind of message and the original thing that you want them to take away from the product.

For people with pregnancy tests, their biggest thing is accuracy. And so I’ve been trying to work out how we can position ourselves as obviously, we are accurate. Just like to say we are the same as Clear Blue. But how can we position ourselves with the accuracy and the eco thing without making it sound like a tongue twister and come up with a bit of a one-liner? So that’s kind of been what I’ve been working on this week.

Also getting ready for the tradeshow. We’re going to the Natural Organics product show on Sunday and Monday this week at the Sales Centre in London. So that’s very exciting. Our first tradeshow. So I am really looking forward to meeting retailers and having a chat and seeing what they think in the flesh of the Hoopsy test. So if you are around London and you are a retailer, do pop down and say, hello, we’re in stand K 104.

And finally, when you run a business, it can be hard, and it can be lonely. This week has felt like that for me. And being in London, where I don’t know many people, having lived in Sydney for the last 20 years, it’s. It’s harder, especially as, like, my business kind of community of people are in Australia, and it’s quite hard time zone-wise to hook in with them.

So I’ve been reaching out to a few people this week, not complete randoms, but some of them have been, and they do say that one of the things you should do is ask for help. And that’s what I’ve been doing this week. And it’s been so lovely, so lovely to have other founders offer to help, offer to support me, and just it’s not like you actually obviously it would be great if someone came along and said, yeah, I’ll help you. I’ll work for you for free for, like, the next ten years. But that’s not what it’s all about.

It’s really about just having people that you can talk to about what you’re going through and that get it, because they’ve been there and they know that, and they know that it does feel like X and Y and Z are all just not really working at the moment. But they also know that things will change and things will. Through. So a big thank you to everyone that’s been there for me this week and for all the support that I’ve had.

It’s hard to find your tribe, it’s hard to find the people that get you, the people that are on a similar journey, the people that can lift you up and have been there or are in the trenches with you. And I think we often think you just start business and off you go, trop, trop, trop. But it’s very different from having a job, and it’s very different from working for someone. So it can be mentally challenging at times.

That’s what this week has been about. Like finding the right people to connect with and hang out with and learn from, as well as just get support and just get that, look at all the amazing things you’ve done, because that’s another big challenge, being a founder. Well, for me, anyway, it’s hard to look back and go, look at all that amazing stuff. You’re too busy going forward and going, Why hasn’t that happened? Why hasn’t this happened?

So, yeah, that’s my week. Sorry. Very long roundup. But hopefully, I’ll see people at the show and I will be doing some lives from the show. So I will talk to you over the weekend. Bye.

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