Try Our Eco-Pregnancy Test – On Us!

Have you been contemplating trying out the Hoopsy eco-pregnancy test but not gotten around to it for whatever reason? Wondering if our pregnancy tests are really as good/easy to use/reliable as the other brands? Well, we know they are, but don’t just take our word for it! As a small business, word of mouth counts so we are offering anyone who buys a 3-pack of Hoopsy eco pregnancy tests on Amazon a full refund in exchange for a review! No catches! Find out how and why below!

How to claim your free eco-pregnancy tests

How to get your free pack on Amazon

Interested in claiming your money-back offer for the Hoopsy eco-pregnancy tests? Simply follow the following steps to receive your tests, and to qualify for your money back:

  1. Order a 3 pack of Hoopsy eco-pregnancy tests on Amazon Here. Please note orders placed via other platforms will not qualify for the money-back offer!
  2. When you receive your order, try out the test!
  3. Leave us a review on Amazon, and this bit is super important! Ensure you review us using the account the original order was placed on. Please note down your username or the account holder’s name (in case you share with someone else) This makes it easier to find/process your money-back request!
  4. Email your order number, review name and bank details to Lara will then be able to check when your review is live and verify your order.
  5. Your refund will be sent back to you as a bank transfer once your review and order is verified!
  6. That’s it! We hope you love the Hoopsy pregnancy test. If you do, don’t forget to reorder if you need more and tell your network about our tests that are so much better for the environment than plastic alternatives.

A few important things to note

As with any offer we just want to run through a couple of things that are and are not covered in our money back offer.

  1. Offer is valid for one purchase of the 3- Pack of Hoopsy pregnancy tests on Amazon per customer.
  2. Only orders shipping within the UK are valid for the money-back offer.
  3. Money-back requests will be processed on receipt of an email from the individual who ordered and verification of the order and live review on the Amazon platform.
  4. Hoopsy reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.
  5. Please contact us if you have any questions!

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