Hoopsy Weekly Roundup April 21st

Hoopsy Weekly Roundup for Friday, April 21st… (Women Changing the World Awards)

Hi! Can you believe it? It’s Friday again. Crazy. Crazy.

So Sunday and Monday. This week I went to the Natural Organics product show. We had a stand there and met lots of distributors, and retailers, which was great. Had lots of great feedback on the product, and lots of interest. So hopefully we will get some sales from that and some new listings.

Also had lots of people come up and say to me, thank you so much for doing this. And I found it kind of weird. Like, I don’t know. I mean, I’m not saying they’re wrong, but I hadn’t really thought about it. I hadn’t really thought yes, I knew that we were doing something good for the world, for the planet, but I hadn’t really expected people to come up and thank me for doing it. It’s kind of strange but nice. But I just found it strange because obviously, the reason I do it is just that I’m very passionate about it and I don’t really think about anything else.

Anyway, so that was Sunday. Monday and then Tuesday. Went to the Women Changing the World Awards where we got two trophies. One for the Emerging Woman and one for People’s Choice for Environmental Impact, which was fabulous. So that was a rather lovely evening.

And then the rest of the week has been spent spending catching up, so we’ve decided we’re going to really focus on Amazon. So we’ve got some amazing, amazing guide that helps with that and step up on the SEO and really just get things happening. Same old, same old. I know I talked about packaging last week and we did have some packaging come back from the designers, but I’m not 100% happy with it. So I will show it to you next week, I promise, once it looks more as I would like it to look. So until then, have a lovely weekend and I will see you next week. Bye.

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