Hoopsy Weekly Roundup May 19th

Hoopsy Weekly Roundup for Friday, May 19th… ( Won a pitch night!)

Hi, welcome to this week’s Weekly roundup.

So I’m back in London this week. I’ve been up to Leeds to do a photo shoot and I did a pitch night while I was there in the pub. Well, it was virtual. I was in the pub. Everyone else was in their offices looking a bit more professional than me. But I actually ended up winning that pitch night joint with another company, which was great, because it just reinforces and validates that what we’re doing is good, that people want it, and the investors are interested, so I’m really pleased about that. And it’s been a while since I’ve won a pitch night, so go take these wins.

And we just had an investor confirm about investment this morning, which is fabulous. So if you are interested, our round is open and we are accepting investors, which is rather exciting. We’ve got a couple more meetings next week with investors.

I also had some very exciting news this morning about a new product. I can’t tell you anymore, but. Over the next few weeks, I will reveal all. But it’s going to be great for Hoopsy. It’s going to be great for the planet and it will really help us get the word out there about our products and expand our reach. So I’m really excited to see that come off and rest.

This week has been networking really just out meeting people, exchanging contacts, seeing who’s out there and what they’re doing, and meeting some interesting businesses. So it’s been a great week.

Next week is crazy hectic, which is good. Lots of meeting people, lots of getting out and about, and hopefully lots of investor meetings are still chasing them all down. So exciting times.

Well, I’m just going to go and start the day. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you next week.

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