Do You Have A Transfer Buddy?

You might be thinking what on earth is a transfer buddy? I mean yes my partner, friend, or brother is coming with me for the transfer, is that what you mean?

No that’s not really it. A transfer buddy is someone who is having their embryo transfer on the same day as you. In the Facebook groups for women trying to conceive (TTC) or undergoing IVF, there are lots and lots of callouts like this one below by women looking for transfer buddies.

looking for a transfer buddy


Embryo transfers are hard, you have to take medications, go for numerous internal ultrasounds to make sure that your uterus lining is thick enough, have blood tests, and wait and wait some more. It can feel like a lonely process that no one understands filled with hope, dread, fear, excitement, and more. So women are looking for someone who is on the same journey at the same time to share with, cry with, compare notes with, and support. That is what a transfer buddy is.

Your transfer buddy can stay with you all the way up until the end of your pregnancy, depending on how well you get on of course. It’s kinda like the pre-mothers group!

Where to Find a Transfer Buddy

Finding a transfer buddy can be difficult, depending on where you are, how active you are on social media, and also how many people know that you are trying. Here are a few places you can look for that buddy…

  • Join the free Hoopsy Fertility Community and post in our special transfer buddy section! We have new people joining every day and will do our best to find you a buddy. If you don’t for whatever reason find someone then I’m more than happy to be your buddy as someone who has been through it before twice, just get in touch
  • Checkout Facebook, there are lots and lots of IVF and TTC groups on there all are free to join and you can post that you are looking for someone
  • There are also a number of other online communities such as Mumsnet, Fertility friends, Health matters, Peanut, The bump, IVF babble, what to expect, and more it is just a case of finding a community that you like and feel comfortable in

So what do you think? Will you find yourself a transfer buddy on your next embryo transfer? I’d love to know and do do do reach out if you want any support.

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