Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Valentine’s

The international day of love is fast approaching, and a valentine’s day pregnancy announcement could be the perfect day to tell the world that you’ve been keeping a secret bun in your oven following a positive pregnancy test. If you are lucky enough to be ready to share your pregnancy news with your nearest and dearest or all your social media followers, then we’ve put together our list of five of the cutest valentines day pregnancy announcement ideas to get everyone feeling the love.

1. Use A Letter Board

Letter boards are cute, simple, and cost-effective. Not to mention totally Instagramable! Add a few festive additions, such as heart garlands or a red rose. You could also include a valentines themed rhyme for the picture-perfect announcement.

2. Send A Special Pregnancy Announcement Package

Want something a little more personal to tell your significant other or the eager grandparents to be other than your long-awaited baby is on the way? We can’t think of many things more special than sending a personalised gift box announcing your joyous news. We love this one from Esty that comes with some cute knitted booties. You could present your other half with your positive pregnancy test in the box if you can keep your big news quiet and give them a valentines gift they will never forget

Present your other half with your positive pregnancy test in the box if you can keep your big news quiet and give them a valentines gift they will never forget

3. Say It With Shoes

Is there anything cuter than newborn-size shoes? We can think of two ways to use those cute baby pumps to announce your pregnancy. There are probably heaps more too. The first is to have a pair of each parent’s shoes and the tiny ones next to them to indicate a new addition is on the way. Alternatively, have your partner hold your hand whilst you hold the little baby shoes. You could add a pun like a new sole on the way. Use red or pink tiny shoes for a valentines day twist.

4. Send A Pregnancy Announcement Card

We love the idea of a homemade pregnancy announcement valentines card to share your happy news with the world. If you are not the creative type or are just too damn busy to be faffing around with glue and sparkles, one of these cute templates could be the answer. For a valentines day twist, add in a “roses are red” style poem and a copy of your first scan photo to get your family’s heart racing.

5. Say It With Balloons

Heart-shaped balloons just scream valentines day, don’t they? Use foil balloons either custom printed with your message on or get creative with some glitter paint or sharpies. Then write your own message and strike your best pose for one of the sweetest valentines day pregnancy announcement ideas out there. If you are ready to tell the world your family is about to grow, congratulations. Whether you are sharing the news with your partner, family, or your social followers, we hope you have been inspired you to do it in style. If you are sharing your news following a positive Hoopsy pregnancy test, we would love to hear from you

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