Getting Pregnant After A Miscarriage

Miscarriage or early pregnancy loss is a heartbreaking and difficult experience for anyone to go through. Afterwards, it’s common for women to wonder how quickly they can get pregnant again or if it’s ok to wait a while before trying again. In reality, you can get pregnant as early as the next cycle after a miscarriage, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with waiting for a little longer if you don’t feel emotionally ready to try again straight away. In this article, we will look at how long you should wait before trying and some hints and tips for preparing your body for a healthy pregnancy in the future.

When is it safe to try again after a miscarriage?

Search the internet, and you’ll find a lot of advice on this subject! The short answer is to wait until the bleeding stops after a miscarriage, as this minimises the chances of infection. The rest is up to you. You are not more or less likely to get pregnant if you try right away or wait.

You might want to consider waiting until you have had your first period after the miscarriage to make it a little easier to track your cycle and calculate dates if you fall pregnant again immediately. 

Most importantly, consider waiting to try again until you and your partner feel physically and mentally ready to start your baby-making journey again. How long this takes will vary from couple to couple, and there is no wrong answer or need to push yourself before you feel ready. Give yourself the time you need to heal. 

Are you more likely to suffer another miscarriage if you have had one before?

In most cases, the answer is no. However, most women who have sadly lost a baby through miscarriage or stillbirth go on to have healthy pregnancies and babies. So even if you’ve suffered multiple miscarriages, it’s still possible to have a healthy pregnancy. We would advise anyone who suffers multiple miscarriages to speak to their doctor to determine if there is an underlying cause so it can be treated to increase their chances of carrying a pregnancy to term in the future.

Tips for getting pregnant after a miscarriage

Once you are ready to take the plunge and try for another baby, there are lots of things you can do to boost your chances of getting pregnant, including:

Address any underlying health conditions.

Speak to your doctor after a miscarriage and ask for a health check. Conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, STDs and thyroid issues can make it trickier to conceive. There are a number of other health conditions that can affect your fertility, check out our blog to find out more.

Get your BMI in check

Achieving or maintaining a healthy weight will improve your chances of getting pregnant and slightly reduce the chances of miscarriage. 

Get your stress levels under control

We all encounter stressors in our everyday lives, but high-stress levels can make it harder to get pregnant. Make sure you take time out for yourself to relax and unwind. Do some yoga, read a book or go for a run. If you struggle to manage your stress, speak to a doctor for further advice.

Review your caffeine and alcohol consumption

Now we are not saying you need to cut them out completely. Your morning coffee or the odd glass of vino can still be enjoyed when ttc, but consider cutting back if your consumption is high. 

Consuming high levels of caffeine or alcohol can make it harder to conceive and can increase the chances of miscarriage. The recommended daily amount of caffeine is around 200mg (that’s around two cups of coffee) 

Support for women ttc after a miscarriage

Suffering a miscarriage can take its toll. We understand. The experience can bring out a range of complex emotions, whether you are trying for a baby again or already pregnant. Talking to others around you can help you process your feeling and make you feel less alone. 

Start with sharing your feelings with your partner or a close friend. Remember, your partner is part of this and probably has their feelings about what you have been through, so it’s good for you both to share. 

Talking to others who have also suffered losses and are trying again can also help. Consider joining a free online support community like the Hoopy fertility community, which is a safe space to share your experiences, ask for advice or find someone else to connect with that gets you. 

If you are struggling for support, speak to your doctor, who can put you in touch with someone experienced in helping women recovering from pregnancy loss.


The thought of trying for another baby after suffering a miscarriage might feel daunting. But most women who suffer a miscarriage go on to have healthy pregnancies and babies. Suffering a miscarriage can have a huge emotional toll, and it’s essential to talk through those emotions with your partner or through a community that can offer you support. Don’t forget you can contact the Hoopsy team about anything related to your trying to conceive journey. Our free fertility community is now also open and welcoming new members!

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