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If you are looking for help 7 days a week there is nothing more annoying than buying a product that you don’t get around to using until the weekend or on a Friday night (yep party-on) only to find that you are stuck, it won’t do what it says or you can’t figure out x or y. This happened to me recently I bought some software for Hoopsy on Saturday to set up on Sunday, first of all, the company was based in the USA and I’m in the UK, so the time zone for help was potentially an issue. And, secondly, they weren’t open on the weekend.

Well that sucks I thought, I had set aside Sunday to do this and now I can’t

What happened? Well, I couldn’t work out how to do what I needed so I ended up giving up on that particular product and emailing them to ask for a refund.

Imagine if their customer team had been available to talk to?

In this day and age of everything happening instantaneously, it amazes me that people are willing to wait from Friday afternoon to Monday morning to get help.

In my IVF journey, I know that there were times, like when I was spotting in the 2WW, when I needed to talk to someone and could not wait until the next day, let alone 3 days. Trying to get pregnant can be hard, and lonely, and requires a HUGE amount of patience. I remember that feeling, this is why I am happy to chat to you guys any day of the week. If I can help support you on your journey and make life easier, simpler or clearer then I want to.

Support & Help 7 Days a Week, Even Christmas Day

On Christmas day last year, I got a message from a lady who wanted to know when to test. I get it it’s hard, not everyone has clockwork periods or ovulation timetables. It can be hard to know. We messaged and she apologised for messaging, she said she was really anxious. I would prefer to help calm your nerves than you feeling anxious, mostly because I remember what it was like, there are so many factors at play, so many things that can go wrong it is hard not to worry.

Trying to get pregnant is hard enough without all the testing questions you probably have.

Do Call or Message

Believe me when I say that I will respond as soon as I can, usually the same day. I can’t give you set hours, but my phone is on from when I wake up until about 10.30pm at night when notifications go off. If I am swimming or at the theatre etc then you won’t get an instant response, but as someone who has been where you are, I REALLY DO want to help, which is why I do respond with support and help 7 days a week.

Just get in touch with me here….

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