Hoopsy Eco Pregnancy Test Giveaway Roundup

In January, we held an exciting Hoopsy sample giveaway event, offering women across the UK a chance to try our Eco Pregnancy Test. Your requests certainly kept us busy! We sent out over 2500 samples for you to try. Here is a quick roundup of how it went and what our participants thought of our Eco Pregnancy Test.

Hoopsy Eco Pregnancy Test giveaway

The response to the giveaway was overwhelmingly positive. A total of 2568 pregnancy test samples have been sent out to all corners of the UK. Our test participants received a sample of our Eco Pregnancy test with a QR code sticker. They can then scan it to find out detailed information about how to use the product. It also contains information on how it is different from plastic pregnancy tests.

We believe that it’s essential to take care of our planet and strive to create products that are both effective and eco-friendly. Our Eco Pregnancy Test is made from 99% paper, making it one of the most eco-friendly options available today. It is an excellent alternative to plastic tests that end up in landfills. The aim of our giveaway was to share our product with as many women as possible and spread the word about our sustainable pregnancy test.

The feedback is in!

The feedback we received was extremely positive. Many participants expressed how much they loved the fact that the product was eco-friendly and sustainable. They also appreciated the accuracy of the test and the ease of use. In fact, we now have 2 Hoopsy babies on the way! We are so pleased that so many women loved the test as much as we do!

The eco pregnancy test giveaway presented us with a fantastic opportunity to connect with women and provide them with a unique opportunity to try out our eco-friendly and sustainable pregnancy test. All the feedback we received was super helpful. It will help us to improve our product and continue to provide the best possible experience for our customers.

Overall, I would say that the Hoopsy Eco Pregnancy Test sample giveaway was a huge success! We are so thrilled with the response we received. Special thanks to all of our participants for their support and feedback!

free pregnancy tests ready to be mailed

Were you one of the lucky women who got a sample test from us? Write us a review and let us know your feedback.

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