Hoopsy Weekly Roundup February 10th

Hoopsy Weekly Roundup for Friday, February 10th…

Hi, welcome to this week’s Hoopsy Weekly roundup. Well, this week has been a bit quieter than usual. I’ve been sick. It sucks to be sick. I got an ear infection and an eye infection. Anyway, coming out the other side now, which is great.

community launching

In the meantime, I’ve been lucky I have a team and they have been busy bees with the community. I’m really excited about the community launching next week! We’ve lined up so many experts, it is just crazy. Like, I don’t know, 30, 35. So we will have so many awesome people in there who really want to help you on your fertility journey. It is going to be amazing!

Plus we’ve got a waitlist of well, over 100 people, so it’s just all happening. It is so exciting. So pleased that I can do something that will really help people on their fertility journey.

Actually, I was just chatting with a friend this week who’s going back for her next round of IVF to have a second child. And we were just saying how so many people get told the wrong information. Whether it’s IVF or anything to do with their fertility, they don’t get told any information about their journey. And it’s so important that you get the correct information and you understand exactly what is happening, why it’s happening, and also what you can do and what you can do to help yourself because they don’t always tell you that.

So I’m hoping that that’s all the kind of stuff you get out of the community and that’s pretty much been the focus of the week.

I hope you guys have a lovely weekend and I will chat with you next week, by which point we will have launched! And I can’t wait to see what everyone’s questions are and what they’re planning, what they want to know, what’s happening in their lives, and how I can support them and help them.

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