Free Ebook – How to Increase Your Chances of Falling Pregnant

Has anyone ever said to you just relax and it will happen? This free ebook is for all of you who have heard that and thought ‘If it was that easy do you not think I would have tried that by now?’ grrrr

free ebook how to increase your chances of falling pregnant

Trying to increase your chances of falling pregnant is hard, make no mistake. This free ebook is written with gynecologist Dr Alice McGee and talks about how stress can hinder you from conceiving and more importantly how to relax and therefore increase your chances of falling pregnant.

With twelve pages of content and a month of workbook pages (one per day), we take you through the importance of reducing stress and ways to do it.

Even just reading a book for 6 minutes has been shown to reduce stress – who knew?

Remember that stress affects both people when making a baby, many of our suggestions for relaxing could be done with a partner so that you both end up more relaxed.

I know when I went through IVF I did a lot of acupuncture with my second embryo transfer which definitely made me feel more relaxed and more importantly was the time when I did actually conceive.

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I’d love to hear how you go with the ebook, does it make a difference? Do you feel different? Please get in touch and let me know. If you have any tips for what you do to relax tell me in the comments.

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