Hoopsy Weekly Roundup May 26th

Hoopsy Weekly Roundup for Friday, May 26th… ( new Hoopsy T-shirt)

Hi, welcome to this week’s weekly roundup!

Well, the big news this week, is a new Hoopsy T-shirt. So this is what I’ll be doing, promoting Hoopsy left, right, and centre around London. If you see me wandering around, stop me, take a photo, and post it on socials. Whoa. Maybe we go viral.

No, but seriously, I’ve got a few consumer events coming up and I thought it’d be a great, great way to get out there and get seen by people and keep raising awareness because you never know who is going to be walking down the street next to you.

So this week I’ve been talking to investors very similar to last week, actually. A lot of meetings with investors. We’re going to do a sneak peek, we’re going to do a partnership with Wuka the Period undies, which is great, because that fits so well into what we’re trying to do and sustainability and everything, so that’s fabulous.

And we’re still working on our packaging. You might. Oh, never-ending story. We’ve changed the look a few times that are still going on but also having really interesting discussions with the guys in Europe. Just had a chat with a guy that covers Belgium, France, and Luxembourg today, so that’s really positive. And then we’ve got a call with Sweden next week and going to Ireland next week as well.

Hopefully, we’ll get some wholesalers and get some extra sales happening. So it’s good, it’s exciting, lots going on. So I hope you all have a great week.

If you would like to purchase the Hoopsy product, the best place to do it is on Amazon for us because we need to get more reviews. You can just jump onto Amazon and buy the product and write a review that will be fabulous. We would love you forever. So have a fabulous week and I will see you next week.

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