That Pregnancy Test Scene

It is the pregnancy test scene that EVERYONE (well ok not everyone but nearly everyone) has scene in the new Netflix movie Look Both Ways. I took one for the team and watched it with my brother (note it is not a boy movie), it is very cheesy and all hinges on a college graduation party where the main character, Natalie is feeling sick and her bestie buys her three pregnancy tests (none were Hoopsy… maybe in the next movie) to double check as she had sex with her best friend a few nights before.

the pregnancy test scene

Here’s the scene where Natalie is given the three tests to take. In some ways it is disappointing that whoever was given the job of buying the tests bought plastic ones, and by getting three it also reinforces the theory that one might be inaccurate and you need to test again and again…..

The Pregnancy Test Scene

pregnancy test scene

This is where the movie splits into two parts, one where Natalie has a positive pregnancy test (and keeps the baby) and the other negative, then it becomes a bit Sliding Doors style showing you what happens in each scenario. Being Hollywood, spoiler alert, both ways work out and she achieves her dream.

I guess that the moral of this tale is that having a baby doesn’t stop you from having it all….. Luckily Natalie with the baby moves back in with her parents and so doesn’t have to pay for rent or food, not sure about a job, but it is probably not the situation that many women have straight out of university when faced with an unexpected pregnancy. Obviously, it is a warm fuzzy Hollywood movie with a happy ending but think of the message it sends to women out there… When in reality bringing up a baby on your own, even if the father is involved (as he is in the movie) is hard, very hard, and how many women achieve success at the same pace as a single woman would?

Given that in the USA we have just had the whole Wade vs Roe situation happen legalising abortion, this movie has come out at a very controversial time. What do you think of the movie? love to hear your comments….

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