What is the Best Pregnancy Test?

Errr you think you might be pregnant, or maybe you are just worried that your period is a bit later than normal, time to do a pregnancy test. If you haven’t been to the pregnant test shelf in a store before you might find it a bit overwhelming, should you choose a brand or store own? does expensive mean better? so many questions, all you want to know is if you are pregnant!!! Here I try to decode pregnancy tests and help you find the best pregnancy test for you!

Which is the Best Pregnancy Test?

Wondering whether you are pregnant or not can be nerve-wracking, whichever way you are hoping…. I’ve been there too! The anticipation is filled with a rollercoaster of emotions and it’s only compounded by why you want to test,

  • Have you been trying to conceive for a while?
  • Do you think you accidentally got pregnant?
  • Could this be your first?
  • Have you miscarried before?
  • Are you going through IVF?

The best pregnancy test on the market is a contentious topic. There are a number of factors that you need to look at when it comes to choosing the right pregnancy test, read on for more info.

How do home pregnancy tests work?

Pregnancy tests look for a hormone known as hCG (short for human chorionic gonadotropin). hCG is produced and detectable in your urine once your egg has been fertilised by a sperm, the cells required to produce the placenta then release the HCG hormone.  

What kind of pregnancy tests can I choose from?

There are three main types of pregnancy tests…

which is hte best pregnancy test here the five types are shown

Midstream tests; These tests tend to be the most common where you wee onto the end of the test. They are made from plastic (where there is a dip test strip inside a plastic case) or paper (the Hoopsy one).
Cassette test; With this test, you wee into a cup/container then using a pipette drop a few drops of urine onto the area on the cassette. These tests have a dip strip test inside a plastic case.
Dip strip tests; with these, you wee into a cup/container and then dip the test into the urine. These tests are about 60% paper, 40% plastic

The midstream tests are available in analog or digital versions, the analog test means that you read the lines for the result, two lines is pregnant, and one is not. The digital midstream tests will tell you on the screen if you are pregnant or not, and some will tell you roughly how many weeks, although this is based on average levels of hCG so may not be 100% accurate as the levels can vary massively.

The Best Pregnancy Test

Obviously, I could just say ours – the Hoopsy Eco Pregnancy test and in reality, it is the best one for the planet. The best one for you will depend on first whether you want to wee on the test or wee in a container, I should mention that you can use the midstream ones by dipping them up to the line in a container and holding in the urine for the time recommended. The best one is the one that works for you. There is pretty much no difference between the accuracy levels of any of the tests, whether you buy branded or not. Some women will swear blind that brand x always works for them, but in reality they all have over 99% accuracy, and I hate to say it but inaccuracy is usually due to user error rather than the test.

You might want to consider the following when choosing your test
– The price per test
– The material it is made from, eg plastic isn’t great for the planet in any form
– How long you have to wait for the results
– When you can get the test, eg ordering online will probably take longer than going to a shop depending on where you live
– How many times you think you may want to test, most women test 3 times on average which incidentally is why we have a three pack 🙂
– Disposal of the test

You have probably read to the end and thought bloody clickbait headline… you haven’t told me the best pregnancy test!!! True, because it is personal choice. But if you are forcing me to say which one then, of course, I will say the Hoopsy Eco Pregnancy test!!! It’s over 99% accurate, made from 99% paper and much better for the planet than any of the other options out there, and is of course the best pregnancy test EVER! lol 🙂 🙂

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