Hoopsy Weekly Roundup March 31st

Hoopsy Weekly Roundup for Friday, March 31st…

Hi. Welcome to this week’s weekly roundup brought to you from Portugal airport.

This week has been lovely, but obviously the usual busyness. Been trying to raise more money from investors, so we reached out to a lot of people. We actually managed to raise more on a safe note, but we are still raising.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on financial modeling, which is fun, except it’s a lot of Excel, which just gets crazy. Like I don’t know how the formulas go wrong. Anyway, that’s just my dilemma and realising that we need some more cash sooner rather than later. So, yeah, putting more energy into that.

And in other news, we’ve got the new packaging designers for the European pack coming along, so that’s fabulous. And we’ll be selling in Europe soon. Well, not that soon, maybe a couple of months.

Watch our space as we will announce when we’ll be selling in Europe soon.

And otherwise, we’ve been busy doing more YouTube videos. So if you are watching this not on YouTube, then check us out on YouTube. We’ve got a lot of great content from experts, fertility nurses, researchers, and doctors, which will really help you on your fertility journey. We’d love to share it with you.

If you’ve got any questions or need any help with anything or looking for someone in a certain area, do get in touch because I’d love to hear. Have a fabulous weekend. I’ll see you next week.

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