6 Sustainability Tips For A More Eco-Friendly Life

You may have realised that at Hoopsy we are pretty passionate about sustainability, but also know that it has to be easy, not everyone can live off the grid, cycle to work and wash by hand! Here are 6 sustainability tips that WILL make a difference, plus they are quick and easy to do – winner!

1. Stop Spinning

Instead of always using a tumble dryer in winter or summer try using a drying rack whenever possible, you can pop it outside in the sunshine if you have space, indoors under a ceiling fan (my favourite trick), or just next to a radiator. You’ll save money, reduce your carbon footprint (by up to 1.1 tonnes yearly if you ditch your dryer permanently), and prolong the life of your clothes.

2. Switch to better bulbs

Switch to LED lights

Ninety percent of the electricity used by incandescent(that’s the regular non-led ones) light bulbs is given off as heat, which is wasted energy and money. Here’s a bright(er) idea: Switch to LEDs, CFLs, or halogen bulbs instead. They use as little as 20% of the electricity — reducing your energy bill and your carbon footprint.

3. Dial down your heat or A/C when you’re out

Adjusting your thermostat 7 to 10 degrees (higher during the summer, lower during the winter) for eight hours each day will yield up to a 10% savings on your annual energy bill and help shrink your carbon footprint. Go a step further by adding insulated window curtains to block drafts in the winter and sunlight in the summer.

4. Switch to rechargeable batteries

Are you still using old-fashioned, single-use, alkaline batteries in devices like your TV’s remote control? Try rechargeable batteries instead. You’ll save money over time and help cut down on the billions of dollars worth of batteries sold each year globally, most of which never see a recycling facility. And for dead batteries collecting dust in your drawer: Drop them off at a local recycling that accepts them (be sure to check regulations and restrictions first). Just don’t toss them in the trash!

Switch o rechargeable batteries

5. Grow it yourself

Get your hands dirty and try growing some of your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables. The more you can avoid the grocery store, the more you’ll help reduce emissions related to shipping and refrigerating all of that food. And if you don’t have a backyard, don’t worry, you can grow lots of plants like herbs and strawberries on your windowsill – yum!

6. Pull the plug on your devices

Unplug your devices

Thanks to standby mode, electronic devices consume power even when they are turned off. Almost 10% of your energy bill goes toward this “phantom power” consumption. Save money — and reduce your carbon footprint — by unplugging your devices at the end of the day or when they’re not in use.

We know that as individuals, we have the power to make a positive impact on the planet through our everyday choices and actions, switching off that one plug DOES make a difference, as does buying our pregnancy test, swapping to LED bulbs and more. Do you have any sustainability tips that you have turned into regular habits that you do to reduce your carbon footprint, save water, food or just be more eco-conscious? I’d love to hear in the comments below…

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