Why You Should Choose a Sustainable Test

If you have seen our eco pregnancy tests then you have also probably seen that we say that they are better for the planet, made from 99% paper and 99% plastic free. Choosing a sustainable test can be a big decision for some women, when you are used to using plastic making a switch can be hard.

To make it easier here are some top reasons why you should choose a sustainable option, and no not all of them are suggested by us 🙂

Conscious About Sustainability

However, even though I get a negative test, I often think ‘what if’ – what if its too early, what if its wrong. As I said this often leads to me using multiple tests. I’m conscious about using natural and organic beauty products, so the idea of adding a sustainable pregnancy test to my products is very appealing. We try to live a sustainable lifestyle in lots of ways, but when it comes to pregnancy tests I guess I never really considered it. So I’m really pleased I came across Hoopsy! 


Often the reason women may not have switched is because they didn’t know our test existed, but if you are someone who does know about our tests, then please tell someone else, and encourage them to share it. I am very conscious about sustainability and want to make sure that I do something that really makes a difference to this world…. don’t you?

Want to Reduce Micro Plastics

All those plastic pregnancy tests will eventually (in about 30 years) breakdown into microplastics which go into our water, our food and our air. Scientists are saying that we consumer one credit card of plastic per day. The only way to halt this consumption is to reduce the amount of plastics that we use.

Just As Accurate

sustainable test or plastic test?

There are often lots of myths going about that Clearblue is best, or First Response does x or you have to use Boots ones. The actual REAL truth is that every pregnancy test is over 99% accurate if you use the test according to the instructions. This is where things can go wrong, I’ve found that many women don’t read the instructions and therefore don’t wee on it for long enough, or don’t read the result quickly enough, or read the result too quickly. Follow the instructions and every test has the same accuracy, knowing this why not choose the one that helps you to bring your child into a better world?

Use it the Same Way

I deliberately designed our pregnancy test so that it is the same size and shape as the current plastic tests you wee on. Why? I wanted to make swapping an easy decision, with as few reasons not to switch as possible. This is why we have 2 lines for the results the same as other tests, it is the same size and you wee on it in the same way.

Same Price

Hoopsy tests are the same price (and sometimes cheaper) than the other brands. So you are not paying more for sustainable. This is 100% on purpose. I think that everyone should be able to choose sustainable products regardless of your income level.

There are so many reasons to choose a sustainable test rather than a plastic one. Why do you think? Will you give a sustainable one a go?

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