Why We are Offering a Black Friday discount

black friday discount

There has been a lot of talk about Black Friday in the media this year, and is it encouraging people to buy more ‘stuff’?

I think it can be very easy to get sucked into buying stuff you don’t need when it is on sale, and it can take a lot of willpower (speaking from my experience) to say no I don’t need that jumper/dress/computer/phone etc.

So why given all this am I at Hoopsy doing a Black Friday discount?

Why Black Friday?

There are a few reasons why I wanted to offer a discount to you guys, here they are…

  • First up no one (that I know of) buys a pregnancy test if they don’t need it, it is just not one of those products. People who see the offer and aren’t trying to conceive are just going to scroll on by…
  • I know that trying a new product can be seen as ‘risky’. Will it work? Is it reliable? Is it accurate? One of those risks is the money that you need to spend to get the tests, so by reducing the price from now until the end of November I am hoping that it will reduce what you see as the risk in trying the product if you haven’t already.
  • I want to make it more accessible, if you are on a tight budget you might not be prioritising the environment when you buy your pregnancy tests, but by reducing the price to around £3/test I hope that you give them a try
  • Finally if you are already a Hoopsy lover, I want to reward you for the love 🙂

With new products it can feel like you are taking a chance in buying it, or maybe you want to be the first to try it and tell all your friends (I am hoping that you are!), or maybe you love our tests and want to save some money? Either way I hope you pop over and buy a pack of our Hoopsy Eco Pregnancy Tests at 30% off and give them a go

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