Why We Use Seeded Cards

If you have seen us at one of the events we have done you will have seen our seeded cards. Seeded cards are basically paper with seeds in them that once you have read the information you can plant and they grow into flowers! so cool!

Hoopsy seeded cards

When I do events I try to be as sustainable as we can be, by reusing as much as I can and using as little paper as I can. So when it came to having flyers on the stand I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do them.

You know what it is like you go to an event pick up lots of flyers and get home and throw them away. It seems like such a waste. Plus everyone has a camera in their pocket now so can just take a photo.

However, at events sometimes the person I need to be told about our pregnancy tests are not there. It might be their mum, aunt or friend and it is easier if they take something to give to them. Hence my dilemma.

Then I thought of seeded cards, having been given some previously, I searched to see if companies printed on them and yes they do!

What I Love about Seeded Cards

They have more than one purpose……

  • You give people something to take away to help them remember Hoopsy
  • The card can be planted and turns into flowers
  • People want to take one because they can plant them to turn into flowers
  • It makes Hoopsy memorable
  • The cards fit with our sustainability ethos

Yes, they are more expensive than printing regular cards, but they fit so well with our brand and people want to take them. I know personally I would rather take a photo of a flyer than take one. I think if people have a physical object in their hand then they are more likely to remember the brand.

What do you think of our seeded cards? Would you take one?

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